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Holiday parks in the Netherlands: cottages at National reserve Weerribben-Wieden

Vacation rentals in Overijssel in The Netherlands. Whether you are looking for a holiday park with a pool or a cottage with a private electric boat - you can book it at one of the holiday parks below. Luxury holiday homes, cottages with thatched roofs and wooden chalet homes.


Holiday park de Weerribben owes its name to the beautiful, 10.000 hectares of National Park 'Weerribben-Wieden' which directly adjoins the park. All seasons this area has surprises in store. 'Whisper Sailing' is something unique in this region of wetlands.

Holiday park Giethoorn has beautiful properties located in the center of the village Giethoorn adjoining the canal and on the bank of the "Bovenwiede", a lake located in nature reserve 'De Wieden' with plenty of watersport facilities.

Holiday park Belterwiede is located in an unique environment where calm open spaces still exist amid the beautiful nature reserve Weerribben-Wieden in Overijssel. What do you think about exploring Dutch-Venice Giethoorn by boat? 


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Villapark de Weerribben


Vakantiepark Giethoorn


Waterpark Belterwiede



The most enjoyable arrangements to complete your vacation!

Make your vacation more fun with the arrangements at our luxury bungalow parks. Benefit in addition of various discounts such as 50 + discount,  young family discount and more!


Benefit from the various offers at our three bungalow parks in Overijssel or view our arrangements that will make  your vacation even more memorable.  Even during Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Summer, Autumn and Christmas vacation you benefit from attractive deals or arrangements.


We will do whatever we can to make you feel at home...

The bungalow parks have various types of villas and bungalows. The location and design of these accommodations are comfortable and are different in every bungalow.



Bungalowpark de Weerribben has 80 detached thatch covered 4 -, 6 -, and 8-person cottages all situated on the edge of national reserve the Weerribben. All the bungalows are set on spacious plots of 500 to 1000m2, of which some of are located directly at one of the two park ponds.



Resort Giethoorn is located in the heart of the village of Giethoorn adjoining the canal and on the shore of lake the Bovenwijde. The park has approximately 40 detached 2 -, 4 -, and 6-person waterlodges. During the summer months you will enjoy the boat  that is included in the rent of  these waterlodges.


Resort Belterwiede offers 63 luxurious water villas situated at the shore of lake Belterwijde. The park has 4 -, 6 - and 8-person villas and a 10-person residence. The villas are all situated right on the water which will
offer you the possibility to dock your (own) boat at the villa!


Villapark De Weerribben
Binnenweg 12
8378 JJ Paasloo
0561 - 45 14 14

IBAN: NL76RABO0361213689


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Vakantiepark Giethoorn
Binnenpad 49
8355 BR Giethoorn
IBAN: NL76RABO0361213689


Waterpark Belterwiede
Veneweg 193
7946 LP Wanneperveen
0522 - 281828

IBAN: NL76RABO0361213689

Résidence Weerribben
Binnenweg 10 a-c
8378 JJ Paasloo
T. 0561 - 45 14 14
IBAN: NL76RABO0361213689


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