Safe stay

For your and our safety

At our parks we take various measures to protect you and our employees. In doing so, we follow the guidelines of RIVM and the government. We clean the opened facilities extra often and we take extra measures. Always follow the guidelines and instructions of our employees. This way, you can enjoy your stay safely and carefree.

General measures
- We'll keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters.
- We like to greet each other, but this at a distance and don't shake hands.
- We regularly wash our hands with soap. There are also disinfection columns in several places.
- We sneeze and cough in our elbow.

Checking in and out
- Come with a maximum of 1 person per accommodation to the reception to check in and out (no companion/group/family).

Your accommodation
- As always, we clean your holiday home. In this day and age we do it even more thoroughly. Think about airing your stay before arrival, using a new cloth for each room and disinfecting all surfaces and contact points, such as door handles, handles and light buttons.

Bike rental
- We recommend to book the bikes as much as possible in advance. You can pick up your pre-booked bikes outside, our staff will show you where to pick up the key(s).
- We can only advise you remotely about, for example, the correct height of the saddle.

Outdoor playgrounds (Holiday park Giethoorn & Villapark de Weerribben)
- Playing in the indoor and outdoor playground is always at your own risk. We ask parents to supervise their children remotely.
- The playgrounds are only accessible for children up to 12 years old. Parents can supervise from a distance.
- To prevent other children from getting sick, we ask you not to let sick children play in the playgrounds.
- Clean hands are important! That is why all children should wash/ disinfect their hands before use.
- There is a maximum number of children in the playgrounds. In order to give all children an equal chance to play, there are time slots. It is therefore possible that your child will have to wait a while.
- In the indoor playground the ball pit is unfortunately closed. The other play equipment in the indoor playground can be used and are cleaned regularly.

Swimming pools (Villapark de Weerribben)
- the swimming pool is open from 09.00 to 20.00.
- The capacity of the swimming pools is limited, so the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be guaranteed.
- We advise you to put on swimwear under your normal clothes. In changing rooms you can take off your overgarments and put them in a locker. It is clearly visible from a distance which locker you can use.
- We are not allowed to open the showers and toilets yet. We ask you to take a shower in your holiday home and use the toilet there.
- The play materials in the water can unfortunately not be used because of hygiene.

Sailing (Holiday park Giethoorn & Holiday park Waterstaete)
- It is only allowed to be in a ship with several people if they are part of the same household.
- You should avoid the village moat in Giethoorn as much as possible.